2U - The World's 2nd Best U2 Show

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2U - The World’s 2nd Best U2 Show


2U has been playing to rave reviews at hundreds of top clubs, theme parks, colleges, festivals, theaters, performing arts centers, and major corporate events, both nationally and internationally, since 2001. The utmost attention has been paid to detail. Feeling that it was not enough only to emulate U2's music "to the note", which this band does second to none, 2U recreates a live "U2 show experience."

While their lead vocalist is indeed a dead ringer for Bono, all of the band-members actually resemble their respective counter-part in U2 as well. With lighting, sound, and costuming, the band has no rival in the tribute community. They are the best at what they do and have a full booking calendar, world-wide and year ‘round to attest to that fact. They are the world’s only officially endorsed tribute to U2.

They've performed month-long extended runs with the world famous tribute show "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace, on the Las Vegas strip, as well as an unprecedented 8yrs. In a row at Disney’s Epcot  “Sounds Like Summer” Tribute Concert Series.

When one experiences a 2U show, they come away feeling as though they've just seen a live U2 show, sometimes in an intimate setting and always at a fraction of an actual U2 show’s  ticket price. The reviews speak for themselves.

Gaining widespread notoriety through tireless touring since 2001, they've been performing together and have become the absolute best U2 tribute band that the world has to offer. They have been reviewed in nationally distributed publications as "A Beatle-mania-like live show, geared toward the band U2"...and, "2U- The World's 2nd Best U2 Show. Period".


2U - The Worlds 2nd Best U2 Show

Almost Journey - The 80's Steve Perry Era Journey Show


Almost Journey is a band comprised of Journey fans that have been professional musicians since the arena rock juggernauts hey-day of the 70-80’s. Each member has seen Journey live in-concert countless times. This has helped AJ become the preeminent tribute show geared toward early Journey.

One look at their demo video, and you’ll see why they’re a favorite of PAC’s, Theaters. Large clubs, Casino/Resorts and Corporate events world-wide. They maintain a blistering touring schedule year ‘round, and yet they still manage to get into the studio to rehearse some of Journey’s “deeper tracks”, keeping the uber-fans just as satisfied as the casual listener.

When you see an Almost Journey live show, you’re guaranteed to hear all of the bands hits performed with the same passion and feeling as the first time they performed them in front of a festival crowd. The members of AJ are NY city born and raised musicians at the top of their game. They have performed with national headlining touring acts and they’re also well versed studio musicians. They play Journey because of their love of the music, and the enjoyment they get from entertaining.

Separate Ways, Lights, Lovin’ touchin’ squeezing, Don’t Stop Believing, and a plethora of other songs made huge by FM radio and MTV are included at every show. The members of AJ also resemble the members of Journey. The vibe is spot on, and it’s apparent with every audience’s reaction to each performance.

The band has been in business since 2005, and with Journey’s surge in popularity due to having “Don’t Stop Believin’, used more than any song in history as a promotional theme for so many causes, AJ has been enjoying the recent attention of talent buyers, and Journey fans around the world.

Almost Journey - The 80's Steve Perry Era Journey Show

Guitar Legends -



Guitar Legends

Brother Joe Solo Show



With over 300 songs committed to memory, this one man band doesn't need to rely on an ipad or pre-recorded backing tracks to entertain for hours on end. Every genre, from "oldies" of the 50's and 60's, "classic rock" of the 80's and 90's to modern country, pop, and top 40 are represented by The Solo Joe Acoustic Show. He only uses his ipad to look up lyrics and music for when he is asked to play a request. This is one of the highlights of The Solo Joe Show. "Stump the guitarist"! You might get one over on him once in a great while, but it becomes a lot of fun for his audiences to try. He'll attempt anything his audience may request, from Celine Dion to Metallica, and most often WITH HILARIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE RESULTS!

The Solo Joe Show can do what many solo acts can't by using state of the art gear and his love of entartaining a crowd. With a "looper" on his guitar for creating his own backing tracks on the spot, and a "smart vocal harmonizer" for adding 2 additional vocals to his performance on the fly, you'd swear that you're listening to a full band at a reasonable volume and more importantly, at a reasonable fee.

His demo video is raw and unproduced. In other words, what you see (and hear) in the video is exactly what you'll get when you hire him. It was recorded at his home studio in about an hour. No fancy "production trickery" was used in the process. The microphone, guitar, and the exact gear he uses in that video is what he brings to his live performance.

This NYC based guitarist/singer/songwriter has been playing guitar for 50 years, and performing professionally for 40. He's performed at countless Wineries on the East End of Long Island, and many others up and down the East Coast of the USA. He's a Club "regular" out at Westhampton CC on the posh East end of Long Island NY, and he's an absolute favorite at wedding receptions and Cocktail hours across the region. He's a perfect fit for any size "mellow" gathering, without sacrificing the excitement of a full band performance.


Solo Joe Acoustic Show - Unplugged Classic Rock and More